SLA Members NovaBiotics, MGB Biopharma and Lamellar join in BEAM Alliance Launch

Released: Tuesday 9th June 2015


Biotechs’ from Europe innovating in Anti-Microbial Resistance

[June 9 2015] Founding members are today delighted to announce the launch of a Europe-wide mission, across antimicrobial research and development strategies, aimed at tackling head-on, one of the most significant health and socioeconomic challenges of our generation.

The emergence of multi-drug resistant bacteria is acknowledged as a global public health crisis. Biotechnology companies are a driving force in combating this; whether in the design and development of new antibiotic medicines, identification and implementation of preventative strategies against resistance, or in the design of improved diagnostic technologies to facilitate more targeted and appropriate antibiotic treatment. 37 of these antibiotic research and development focused biotech companies, from 10 different European countries, have now joined together as the BEAM alliance (Biotechs from Europe innovating in Anti-Microbial resistance) with a single vision to accelerate progress in the fight against anti-microbial resistance and to minimise future development of acquired drug resistance in pathogens.

The BEAM alliance will remain at the forefront of antibiotic drug, device and diagnostic discovery and development as a combined technical and scientific force across Europe.  BEAM also intends to facilitate further support for, and better engagement in, the stimulation of research and development activities focused on combating antibiotic resistance from nations Europe-wide. BEAM also aims to promote new policies and regulation around the use and development of antimicrobial resistance strategies.

BEAM’s overall mission is to improve the European regulatory, investment and commercial environment for research, development and market viability of new products combating antibiotic resistance. This mission and the Alliance’s strategy will be set out in detail in a white paper scheduled for publication at the end of June 2015.

Florence Séjourné from Da Volterra comments that “Research and development investment in antibiotic therapies, novel alternative and preventative approaches and diagnostics is very clearly coming from smaller, innovative biotechs. As a combined force, the BEAM alliance and its member companies have the potential to make a real and significant difference to a massive health crisis – globally but from Europe”.


About the BEAM Alliance

BEAM represents European biotechs involved in developing innovative products to tackle antimicrobial resistance.  BEAM collaborates with the existing community of stakeholders dedicated to implementing tangible strategies. BEAM gives its member biotech companies a unique voice to propose and support policies and incentives in antimicrobial research and development in Europe. BEAM recommends supportive incentives that warrant action by policymakers to stimulate much needed innovation by biotechs.


About anti-microbial resistance

Antibiotic resistance is a major global problem which claims at least 50,000 lives per year in the EU and the US alone. Hundreds of thousands more will die in other, less developed areas of the world. Anti-microbial resistance will equate to a potential global economic burden of up to US$100 trillion by 2050. The need for new anti-microbial treatments, better use of existing therapies and also means for improved diagnosis and prevention has never been as acute.

List of member companies

ABAC Therapeutics, Abgentis, Absynth Biologics, Adenium Biotech, Aicuris, Alaxia, Allecra, Antabio, AntibioTx, Arsanis Biosciences, Bioversys, Biovertis, Cantab Anti-infectives, Da Volterra, Deinobiotics, Destiny Pharma, Discuva, Eligo Bioscience, Evotec, FAB Pharma, Helperby, Immunsystem, Lamellar Biomedical, MaaT Pharma, MGB Biopharma Limited, Mutabilis, Naicons, Northern Antibiotics, Nosopharm, Novabiotics, Pherecydes, Polyphor, Procarta, Redx Pharma, Setlance, Setubio, TechnoPhage

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